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Pension in payment

pension in payment

Welcome to our pensioner section at Wiltshire Pension Fund.

This section will include everything you need to know in order to manage your pension payments, take care of your death benefits and how to update your details. 

Key points when taking your pension at Wiltshire Pension Fund

  • your pension is protected and guaranteed
  • pension increases annually in line with inflation (Consumer Price Index - CPI)
  • market investments do not affect our ability to pay your pension monthly
  • your pension is secure

Pay dates

  • payday is the 25th of each month
  • when the 25th is a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday payment will be made on the previous working day
  • monthly payments are made to your chosen bank or building society
  • your tax-free lump sum is paid separately within 15 days of retirement

Your first monthly pension payment will be made at the next payroll cycle, which may occur the following month depending on when you retire

Pension Increases

Pension benefits increase in line with the cost of year each year and are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The Increase is applied each year from the first Monday following the new tax year - 6 April. 

For more information, visit the Pension increases section.

Receiving your payslips

As of 2022 all new pensioners are automatically registered for rPowered , Wiltshire Councils sercure payslip portal. If you claimed your pension prior to 2022 and would like to register for ePayslips please click below. 

ePayslips Registration Form

Advantages of using ePayslips

  • Access your pay related document at any time from any device
  • Both payslips and P60s are stored on the site
  • Your payslips can be used as proof of your earnings and tax paid
  • You can save, print and email your payroll documents at any time
  • All your documents are securely stored in one location
  • You will receive email notifications when a document is uploaded

We allocate all new pensioners their own unique pension payroll number.

Your pension payroll number will be printed on your first, and future, pay advice slips.

You will receive your online P60 each year, by 31 May, showing the totals of your pension, tax and other deductions if applicable, for the previous financial year.

Paper payslips

For existing pensioners who receive paper payslips, we will still write out to you with your new payslip in April and May each year, along with sending out your P60. 

You can opt in to receive paper payslips, that are normally sent in April and May each year, by contacting the Pensioners Payroll team via email or telephone 01225 713 606.

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